“Ohhhh! You want to go…over the arch?”

In the early 2000’s, when I was nearing the end of grad school, Linda (who was a classmate of mine) asked if I would be interested in a commission to craft a wine rack for her new home. Of the 20-30 individuals in the weekend MBA program at the time, I was the only self employed individual…much less the only self employed craftsperson and artist. So unlike the rest– predictable, steady income was not a part of my usual experience. Consequently, only 2.5 seconds past before I told Linda an emphatic YES and subsequently asked, “what is the address?” 😁

A week later, Linda opened the door and guided me through to the newly constructed home, all the while describing her ideas of what she was looking for; maybe a nine bottle countertop rack. Not something too big and keep in mind that she would need to open the cabinet door….

Thinking to myself–wow, this is going to be a waste of time; she had me drive out an hour from the city for a table top rack?

I said, “you can buy a nine bottle table top rack at the store,” and before I finished, she replied, “yeah, they don’t fit. Can you design something to fit the space?”

The countertop and cabinets were actually going to make it almost impossible to achieve. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I turned around and paused a while. As I began to say, “I can’t make one to fit under that cabinet, but I can…,” she interjected, “OHHHHH!, you want to go up the wall and over the arch?”


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