Ain’t No Sunshine When…

Ain’t No Sunshine When..
Baby, I’m Coming Home
Oil on canvas
A most recent completed oil painting. You’ll see, there are two images…of the same painting. The first photo, the darker image, is more in line with how I intended to present the composition: overcast, brooding, lonely. I took this photo with the piece hung in our living room in a small alcove with no lights on and away from windows with little natural light. The second photo is in my studio with the window blinds open and a ton of natural light–an exercise I do regularly to check to see the true values of the colors and shading as I proceed in composing the piece. The mood and tone of each image, because of the lighting, are basically that of opposites. The darker image is of someone who is alone and hopeless, who longs to see someone but can’t likely due to hubris while the brighter image, to me, denotes someone who is hopeful and longing to see someone close and is on the path to get there.
Be mindful when purchasing art, about how much the setting and lighting in your home will express the mood of a piece.
I learned a lesson from the this project, myself. The degree of lighting WHILE painting can influence the outcome of a painting and my ability to achieve what was in my mind; in the end it didn’t turn our as dark, lonely and brooding as I had originally envisioned. I should have painted under a spotlight in order to better achieve the much darker tones as I had hoped. Life is learning. What will you create today?

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